Tayo, Timber, Taylor, Taavi, Teagan Tess, The Galahad's Girl und Tracy

geboren am 24. Juni 2019

Lively Red Alpha's Amigo


Pastime Malcolm Glenstal's in Hot Pursuit Glenstal's Standing Ovation
Glenstal's Great Exemplification
Pastime Gayle Rockledge Flying Dutchman Irish Red
Richli Red Hunting Girl
Irish Fellow Nyra Kerrykeel Eoghan Napoletano von der Emsmühle
Kerrykeel Orlaith
Irish Fellow Fairytale Uriel von der Emsmühle
La Palma von der Emsmühle

Galahad's Guardian Jolly my celtic fellow

Red Wire Excalibur Gloccomara Polemicist Gloccomara Star Voyager
Gloccomara the way I am
Majomas Black Magic Woman Merrymac you Got what it Takes
Majomas Every Breath you Take
Jazzy Jackie my celtic fellow Jerry vom Akazienhain Xtra Autumn Gift Capella
Bhoreen vom Akazienhain
Hazelnut my celtic fellow Edmund Zlaty Florex
Free and Easy my celtic fellow
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