Sydney Rose 

geboren am 18.4.2018

Melukylän Man-Go

Marble Arch Feel like Dancing Dreamtimes Latin Lover Dreamtimes Frontiersman
Dreamtimes Sweet Delight
Marble Arch Lady from Castle Samabel Sunday Silence
Marble Arch Lady Marmalade
Laperdue Whispering Hope Laspamas Captain Nemo Laspamas Keepup With me
Laspamas Mystery Girl
Nukanmanu Lady Gaye Redgundi State Connectn
Nukanmanu Taggmetoo

O'Adelaide my celtic fellow

Va Bene N-Joy  Cliftop Stealin Gold Taufield Star O'the South
Cliftop Gold Promise
 Va Bene Isotzi Top Line Iandor Make my Day at Sherex
Va Bene Aussie Top Line
Okina of Canberra  Junker Johann vom Zerbster Schloss Taufield Kiwi Anzat
Emmely vom Zerbster Schloss
 Lucinda of Canberra Taufield Kiwi Anzat
Gwai-Billa of Canberra


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