Free and Easy my celtic fellow

geworfen 24.8.2002

Dexter my celtic fellow
Inchicore Lionel Montelle Famous Star Famous Flute at Montelle
Montelle Star Return
Inchicore Uisce Beatha Moher Lucky Jim
Ruffmar Flaithiulach of Inchicore
Rufus Lucy Let's Fetz Merrymac Lollapalooza Montelle Shooting Star
Starkdom's Tralee
Rufus Magic Polestar Tralee's Hurricane Kid
Rufus Pola Negri

Hazel of Stonetown

Gatsby Capella Super Star Capella Esperons Echo
Esperons Lindy Lou
Countess Capella Gate Crasher
Winnie Capella
Esperanza of Stonetown Maghill of Ben's Heir Bonsire Major
No Problem
Comtess of Stonetown Adamton Sergeant Major of Montelle
Rusticus Hippy
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