Dean McDuff, Delano Cid, Derrick, Dexter und Dustin

geworfen 29.4.2001 

Inchicore Lionel
Montelle Famous Star Famous Flute at Montelle Tubereasa Beau Venture Ardgabha
Montelle Star Turn
Montelle Star Return Edbrios Duplicate
Montelle Star Attraction
Inchicore Uisce Beatha Moher Lucky Jim Tobys Trendy Trews of Pathfinders
Moher Mademoiselle
Ruffmar Flaithiulach of Inchicore Trackways Booger Red
Ruffmar Majorette of Gabledown
Rufus Lucy Let's Fetz
Merrymac Lollapalooza Montelle Shooting Star Riojem Thyme
Aran of Paddymack
Starkdom's Tralee Rough N Ready Recruit
Ballymoor Annie Banahan
Rufus Magic Polestar Tralee's Hurricane Kid Rough N Ready Recruit
Tralee's Ginny Dare
Rufus Pola Negri Maghill of Ben's Heir
Rufus O'Ruby
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